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We take great pride in designing and building each of our horseboxes with the goal of providing, within the price range, the very best value and owner experience possible.

As we strive to build a horsebox which is second to none in value for money, we also strive to avoid doing anything which could negatively impact the safety of the vehicle. And while we are well aware inflated payloads and fancy extras can be attractive to the novice buyer, they are not of real value, so they play no part in our marketing.

We use only the highest quality materials, parts and the latest assembly and quality-control techniques to ensure the reliability and long life of every Fotheringham horsebox.

Our reputation rests on our steadfast pursuit of this policy in the development of Fotheringham horseboxes for transporters, professional and amateur riders and owners. At Fotheringham, we are committed to investing in the development which continually gives rise to new safety features and improvements in horsebox design and manufacture.

When you purchase any horsebox from Fotheringham, we encourage you to compare it to competitive horseboxes, as we do, for the right balance between cost and functionality. We believe that this process will enhance your appreciation of the Fotheringham horsebox you have selected. If not, we sincerely hope you will help us improve by letting us know what we should be doing better.

Best wishes from all of us at Fotheringham Horseboxes, for many years of safe, enjoyable use and ownership pleasure.

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